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Server Care IT management is a solution that manages the daily operations of your network infrastructure. If your in-house IT team needs support, BSWI is here to help. We provide specialized resources for your in-house department to keep your business current with the latest and best practices in IT. If your company needs help systematizing or recording in detail the operations of its server, we are here to supply the know-how for your business to run effectively.


The trials and tribulations of business technology, including server virtualization and migration, as well as merging and strengthening of data centers, need a server management strategy that is both strong and adaptable. BSWI knows that your most critical files and applications run through your server, which is why fixing every break is not a good option. With BSWI’s Server Care IT service, you will find that your servers run effectively and proactively with the latest in business intelligent server management.

Our Server Care IT Management plan includes:

Proactive management and maintenance. This means that we provide backup services, including remote backup, before you even encounter an issue. No matter how severe the problem, if the team at Business Solutions With Integrity Inc. has eyes on your server, we will spot the problem and resolve it – fast. If a problem escalates, our backup services, which include offsite backup, will ensure that you don’t lose anything critical.

Project planning, design and installation. If you need a server manager who can help with every single step of the IT process, our team of expert consultants has got you covered. We provide IT services across all platforms and distinct systems, including Windows server management, so it doesn’t matter what you’re using – we can meet you there. We will provide support in each of your projects, from brainstorming sessions on new projects, to management solutions for projects that are already in place.

24/7 monitoring of your physical and virtual servers. At Business Solutions With Integrity Inc., we can provide both server management and network management, which means that your bases are guaranteed to be covered. We know how difficult it can be for businesses to manage their own server or network without help, especially when it comes to virtualized servers and networks. Our server management and network management are both of the highest caliber in the industry. When it comes to the ins and outs of all your business needs, we’re the experts. We can immediately spot a potential problem, well before it runs the risk of bringing your business to a standstill.

Troubleshooting stops to performance. Our Windows server managers, like the rest of our server managers, provide the most advanced expertise in the industry. Our team of troubleshooters works in record time, which means that you can avoid time-consuming hiccups.

Guaranteed availability of crucial business network services. If you run into IT trouble, you can bet we’ll do everything in our power to save the day. We’ll work to keep your essential tools up and running, and to minimize disruptions to business as usual.

Secure your servers against internal and external threats. At Business Solutions With Integrity Inc., we are pleased to provide backup services.  This means that no technical crisis will destroy your data – or your business. We want you to thrive in the face of any challenge that might be presented to your server, which is why we consider our server backup to be one of our most valuable services. We want to help you take action before the worst happens.

Analyze server usage trends and plan capacity effectively. Our server management services are constantly updated, because we’re doing the research to stay up-to-speed on developments both within your business and outside of it. Our experts at Business Solutions With Integrity Inc. will be consistently evaluating your needs, based on your current usage and future plans. We can help you strategize accordingly.

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