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You may have doubts that outsourcing IT would make sense for your business. Perhaps you are confident that your team can already handle your IT needs, and it may well be that your equipment and software are already running at their very best. Maybe you already have an in-house IT support system in place. At Business Solutions With Integrity Inc., we urge you to consider the numerous benefits of IT outsourcing, regardless of your situation.


If you aren’t sure what outsourcing is, then you are not alone. Once explained, it’s actually quite easy to understand. If you outsource your IT, that means that rather than relying on your own staff to take care of your IT support, maintenance, and even technological emergencies, you hire another company – like Business Solutions With Integrity Inc. – to provide these services. The company you outsource to can relieve your staff of all IT duties, or they can work alongside your small IT support staff if you already have one in place.


If you are a small company with a limited (or no) IT support staff, you could consider outsourcing. Ask yourself these questions: decision.

Are any of the following areas creating challenges for your company?

  • Filling open spots with IT professionals
  • Staying up-to-date with the most recent technology or IT training
  • Management and maintenance of your tech foundations, including both software and hardware
  • Safeguarding your data, transactions, and communications
  • Swift responses to time-to-market demands
  • Keeping your business flexible enough to remain competitive in your field
  • Reducing gross margins
  • Continuous operation to meet deadline requirements

At Business Solutions With Integrity Inc., we know that the decision to hire an IT outsourcing service is no small one. But we also know that the challenges listed above are difficult for any small business to manage, and that an external outsourced IT service will do wonders to alleviate stress.

Is Your Company in Transition?

  • It may be the time to upgrade your existing tech foundation
  • Your company needs to move or relocate all your infrastructure
  • There is a shift in the goals and the scale of your business operations
  • Operations have changed due to a new partnership, merger, or acquisition
  • New challenges are arising, including higher customer demand and increased competition
  • New technology is required to reach established targets for business growth
  • Your business is expanding outside of the local area into the national or even international market

Transitions are difficult, whether or not they involve complex technology. Whether your business is physically relocating or your needs are simply expanding due to growing business, it may be time to look into outsourcing IT services. At Business Solutions With Integrity Inc., we believe that there are many advantages to outsourcing. Outsourcing is a cost-effective way to help your business move, expand, change servers, implement new systems, and more. Business Solutions With Integrity Inc. is willing to help, whether you need consistent or on-demand IT support with your transition.

Does Your Company need to outsource IT Support for any one of these reasons?

  • You would rather be focused on the most important competencies and processes
  • You need to implement specialized network services but lack the resources
  • You are concerned with the security of your network and your ability to meet current regulations in privacy for your data
  • You need to improve your tools and resources to keep up with the most current threats to your network security
  • Your business is growing dynamically even while you undergo considerable downsizing and hiring freezes

Believe it or not, the benefits of IT outsourcing will help your business to increase revenue as well. By outsourcing IT services, you can help solidify the infrastructure of your business. With all of the details in place, you can focus solely on the projects and objectives at hand.

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