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If your business runs into a technological problem, you might worry that your office will essentially cease to function until the problem is resolved – and with good reason! As you may already know, most IT service providers offer “break, then fix” solutions – meaning that until something breaks, nothing gets fixed. While this may seem logical at first, consider the potential consequences of this system.

At Business Solutions With Integrity, we feel that service providers who use the break-fix method cost their clients hours, or even days of technological downtime. If all of your business’s functions effectively stop until the issue is resolved, it hurts your business, your employees, and your relationships with your clients.

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Consider instead what might happen if your service provider’s system prevented your IT from breaking down in the first place. The managed services offered by Business Solutions With Integrity Inc. do exactly that – we fix things before they break. With our managed IT services, you can keep all of your in-office and remote systems running beautifully, and more consistently than ever. Your time is precious, and we want to make sure that it’s not wasted due to easily preventable IT problems.


The experts at Business Solutions With Integrity Inc. provide highly skilled Managed IT Services and IT Support for any business IT needs. With our help, you will be free of the responsibility of internally managing your most important IT systems. Our support plans can be customized to your individual IT needs, including your OS, equipment and servers. You can rest assured with the knowledge that your IT support will never be outsourced outside of BSWI.


At Business Solutions, our local staff will monitor your systems every hour of every day so that you receive immediate maintenance and support when necessary.  We fix issues, implement updates, and perform repairs before they ever cause problems.


Server and Desktop Management. We manage your computer systems and servers remotely, including backups and updates. We monitor your network so that we can find and resolve potential problems in advance, before they halt your system’s production. With BSWI’s managed services, we will be able to keep watch over your system constantly and detect even the smallest issues before you even notice them.

Remote Support. We provide support 24 hours a day all year round, via both telephone and Internet. The experts at BSWI manage your systems from a remote location, so when an issue arises, you will be back in business in no time. With ourremote managed services at BSWI, you can be sure that we won’t get in your way at the office – and, because we work remotely and even overnight, we can also provide support while you’re on the road.

Fast, Onsite Response. In the rare case of an issue that cannot be resolved with preemptive managed IT services, our experts can come straight to your office and get the issue immediately resolved. Because we are local to the Toronto area, our technicians will arrive at your company’s location in uniform with company trucks so you’ll recognize us right away. Our team will always be ready to help onsite for any issues that require such a visit.

IT Planning & Consulting. Our team of professionals provide expert recommendations so you can decide which hardware and software choices to make. We want your equipment to meet your present and future needs. We support everything from Windows to Mac to Linux. We can manage any operating system you use with our managed IT services.

Predictable Fees. Our managed IT services are available at a flat, consistent rate. No hidden costs for you – just an all-inclusive, predictable monthly fee.

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We make sure your network is running better and faster than ever.

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