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At Business Solutions With Integrity Inc., our team of expert technology consultantsare always ready to help. Whether you’re looking for ways to keep your IT costs predictable, to avoid unexpected problems, to communicate more effectively or to make a plan for business continuity, BSWI has seen it all, and we have your solution. At BSWI, we have the expertise and the technology to create an optimal service plan for any company.

Whether you need help with a one-time project, your on-going IT management, an upgrade or a move, we will find the best solution for you – and always within your budget.


Managed IT – Affordable monthly monitoring and maintenance for all of your server and desktop needs, 24 hours a day, year-round. If you are looking for a way to get the most out of your equipment, then the managed IT services at BSWI are an excellent option for you. We provide support and solutions that anticipate your needs – before any kind of technological breakdown arises. You can be assured that with our managed care services, your equipment will be running more efficiently and dependably than ever.

Our managed services monitor your equipment constantly – 24/7/365. That means we can locate issues before they cause any problems or disrupt your workflow. Our services can be performed remotely after your office closes for the night, which means there won’t be disturbances to your daily workflow. For our managed IT services, we offer a flat rate that is all-inclusive, and has no hidden costs or fees. We try to make your budget for IT support services more manageable and easy to predict than ever.

Server Care IT  Network monitoring, maintenance and updates to ensure that your office is running at peak performance at all times. We know that even one hitch in your system is one too many, and can result in downtime for hours; in some cases, it can delay your operations for days, costing you valuable time and money. Our Server Care IT Management Plan will constantly monitor both your physical and virtual servers, guaranteeing that they are safe from threats, whether within or outside of the system.

IT Consulting – Work collaboratively with the expert consultants at BSWI, and take the opportunity to plan a solid IT strategy. Our consultants will listen to your needs, and help you form an IT strategy that grows with your business. If you need expert guidance to help you sort out terms and product descriptions, we will be right by your side, helping you make sense of all the available options for your business. At BSWI, we offer comprehensive computer consulting services, no matter your needs. By opting to work with BSWI as your computer consultant, you will be enlisting an expert team in all of your important business decisions.

We know that fancy equipment is only one piece of technological efficiency, and we want to help you find the technology that will best aid your business. To make sure that your business succeeds to the fullest, we work with you to figure out your needs. Together, we’ll decide which products are going to be most useful for your business. Our solutions are vendor-agnostic, which means that we aren’t married to any one brand or system. We know intimately the merits of each product and how each one might help realize the particular needs of your business.

We aren’t just tech-savvy. We combine our technological expertise with a high level of business intelligence, which you may not find with other computer consultants. Our IT services are comprehensive at every step of the process, from acquisition to implementation to full-on maintenance and management.

Disaster Recovery – Full data security, disaster planning, prevention, backup and protection. We understand how important your data and files are to your small business. While a major tech crisis is an unusual occurrence, especially after preventative measures are taken, no technology is infallible. We know that after an experience with a technical disaster, small businesses often have a hard time staying afloat. As such, BSWI is committed to providing assistance in cases of emergency data or file loss – regardless of the circumstance, and as quickly as possible. For this reason, we will rapidly respond with our emergency IT support services to any technical disaster. Before the fact, we can help you back up your most important files, and we’ll assess all possible risks so you’ll be covered, no matter what happens.

Cloud Services – Internet/Intranet technology to increase your efficiency and enhance collaboration. We offer Cloud services so that you can share documents and files, whether you or your teammates are in or out of the office. You and your employees will have access to a shared and unified system that enables group editing and publication of all your documents, as well as heightened communication. The Cloud services offered by BSWI are highly customizable so that the needs of your business will be met, no matter what your specifications may be. As your business expands, so can your Cloud – just say the word.

On Demand IT– IT tech support for your in-house network as needed, or by the hour. Every small business finds itself in need of IT support services at one point or another, but not every IT support company is available when you need help. Fortunately, the on-demand services at BSWI are always available, whenever the need may arise.

By contracting with us for your on-demand IT support, you can be assured that a team of experts will be available to help you at the drop of a hat. Our on-demand IT support services only require you to pay for the services that you need, when you need them. Our experts will respond immediately, and get the job done – your only job is to make the phone call.

Reliable IT support from Business Solutions With Integrity Inc. is never outsourced – our team provides all the IT services we offer.

We offer our services as affordable solutions from our in-house team of IT experts.

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