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Don’t go out of business when disaster strikes 

Business owners are fully aware of the critical nature of their business data. Unfortunately, many fail to understand that the vast majority of data loss incidents are a direct result of seemingly minor tech issues.


At Business Solutions With Integrity Inc., we are a prominent provider of the highestquality IT support services in the Toronto area, which is why we know exactly what sort of disasters could strike at any moment. While it may seem unlikely that any of these things would happen to your business, there is always the possibility that something might go wrong.  If your servers or network crashes or something external, such as inclement weather, wreaks havoc on your system, you will undoubtedly need network support services or other IT services for your small or medium sized business.

At Business Solutions With Integrity Inc., we know that technological disasters can take place both externally and internally – if your software or hardware fails, we want to ensure that you are covered in either case. Our comprehensive IT services for small or medium sized businesses can do exactly that. In a pressing emergency, we’ll help you avoid any data loss or harm to your business.



We will strategize with you and then customize a plan, tailored to your specific business IT needs. We begin with an analysis stage, during which we ascertain your business’ current level of preparedness for an emergency or tech disaster. From there, we work to ensure that regardless of the critical situation, your business will not only stay afloat, but also thrive.

We know how much you want your business to succeed, and we are right there with you. When we partner with small and medium sized businesses, we take special care to provide comprehensive disaster recovery services. Our top priority is to keep your business functioning, no matter the circumstances.


At Business Solutions With Integrity Inc., we believe in the importance of effectively “bullet proofing” your company’s most critical data files. This means that the files most critical to your business will be completely safe from any damage.

In the case of a data disaster, your most important files will be backed up so that your business can operate normally and without interruption. We also offer recovery services, so that in the unlikely event that any of your files are lost during an external IT emergency, we can work to get them recovered in record time.


We know how stressful it is to lose important data. We want your business to stay grounded in the face of disaster. We’ll make sure you’re prepared to weather any crisis that may come. We’ve built our reputation on our ability to anticipate, prevent, and handle any problem – even problems you’ve never encountered or considered before.

At Business Solutions With Integrity Inc., we provide a marriage of planning, prevention, and protection. We can ensure that your business thrives, regardless of what disasters may come your way. Let us help you safeguard your company against the tech emergencies that can, quite directly, put your company out of business. Regardless of what happens, we’ll be standing by.

Business Solutions With Integrity combines planning, prevention, and protection to make sure your business thrives no matter what comes your way. Let us help you protect your company against the disasters that can literally put you out of business.

According to the US Bureau of Labor, 93 percent of companies that suffer a significant data loss are out of business within five years.

Don’t be a statistic.

Contact Business Solutions With Integrity for an in-depth analysis of your disaster preparedness.

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